A Culinary Tour of Portsmouth: My Favourite Haunts

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Post by Brad

In the midst of navigating the digital marketing maze and grappling with website code, I find solace in one universal truth: food is life. From gourmet dishes to guilty-pleasure kebabs after a night out, let’s explore Portsmouth’s finest (and quirkiest) culinary delights.

1. Delight: My Morning Lifeline

Just a stone’s throw from work, Delight is an oasis for many a weary morning soul. The atmosphere? It feels like your living room, but with superior coffee. The staff welcome you like a celebrity who just popped in for a latte. Speaking of lattes, I regularly indulge in them alongside their sinfully good carrot cake or the irresistible homemade baklava. Craving more? Get there early; by noon, you’ll be vying for a spot.

2. Lunch: A Tale of Two Moods

Depending on whether my waistband or My Fitness Pal is louder, here’s where I go:

  • Positive Eats on Winter Road, Southsea: For days I pretend to be health-conscious. They offer fruit juices that seem to encapsulate a rainbow and protein desserts that might just bench press you. My usual indulgence? A bowl packed with sticky rice, salmon, and that bang bang cauliflower (which is far more innocent than it sounds).
  • Angels Cafe: Nestled near Positive Eats, Angels Cafe serves breakfast sandwiches so divine you’d think they have a secret line to celestial bakers with their doorstop bread slices.
  • Croxtons on Palmerston Road, Southsea: For those days when all dietary concerns go out the window. They offer a variety of craft beers, including their own Croxtons Shant. The food? From tantalising tacos to a Korean Chicken Burger worth waging wars for, it’s a flavour carnival.

3. Lins Thai Cafe: Gastronomy on a Shoestring

Affordable doesn’t mean compromising on taste. Lins Thai Cafe on Elm Grove offers arguably Portsmouth’s finest Thai cuisine. A frequent choice for my partner and me, our usual spread includes prawn spring rolls, prawn tempura, Thai fish cakes, beef gaeng penang, and prawn pad kee mao.

4. The Briny: Where Food Meets Flamboyance

For evenings that call for a touch more elegance, The Briny on Clarence Esplanade is the place to be. Their gourmet offerings would make even Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction nod in approval. Although their menu changes as often as Portsmouth’s weather, standouts include halibut, melt-in-the-mouth venison, and a lamb rack that makes you wish sheep were endless.

5. Florios: An Italian Sojourn in Portsmouth

Located on High Street Old Portsmouth, Florios D’Italia offers a slice (pun intended!) of Italy. Their pizzas? So authentic, you’d swear the Colosseum was just around the corner. But the magic doesn’t stop there. Their curated selection of imported Italian meats and groceries is a godsend for any home cook aiming to create an authentic Italian feast.

Portsmouth’s Endless Culinary Trail

The city’s edible delights don’t end here:

  • The Indian Cottage: When I crave Eastern flavours. Their garlic, chilli, and coriander naan is legendary, perfect for mopping up a delicious lamb dhansak.
  • Sant Yago: Ideal for child-free evenings. Their tapas? Divine. Those mushrooms could make even a fungi sceptic weep with joy.
  • Efes: For nights when only meat from the rotating spit will suffice. Others may rave about different spots, but here’s my tip: Follow the homemade chilli sauce.

Honourable mentions: Baffled Coffee, Southsea Coffee Co, Copnor Kitchen, O Sole Mio (the best house red you’ll ever have), [The Merchant House](https://m.facebook.com/TheMerchantHouseSouthsea/), [Huis Belgian Bar & Kitchen](https://www.huissouthsea.co.uk/), [Nicholsons](https://nicholsonsrestaurant.co.uk/), [Haldi](https://www.haldi-portsmouth.co.uk/), [The Hole in the Wall](http://theholeinthewallpub.co.uk/), and [Outside-In Food Court](https://outsideinfood.com/).

Finally, let’s raise a toast to the fallen places that are no longer with us but should be remembered – Rosie’s Vineyard, The Registry, Montparnasse. You are missed!

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