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My Favourite Things to do in Portsmouth

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Choosing the Ideal Web Design Agency

Discover the essential steps to selecting the perfect web design agency for your business needs.

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Damira Dental & We are Jungle Triumphs at Dentistry 2023 Awards

Our award-winning collaboration with Damira Dental Studios showcases We are Jungle’s expertise in delivering bespoke, SEO-optimised web design solutions tailored specifically for the dynamic needs of the dental industry.

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Embrace Spring Cleaning for Your Website, Even in Autumn

Revitalising your digital presence: seasonal tips for a timeless website

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Mash Gang website design for the product page on an macbook

16 Strategies to Enhance Your E-commerce Conversion Efficiency

In today’s competitive digital marketplace, optimising your e-commerce platform is more crucial than ever. Dive into these 16 proven strategies to enhance your e-commerce conversion efficiency and watch as your online sales soar to new heights.

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50 Years of Hip Hop – My Top 5 Albums

As we mark half a century of hip-hop, it’s time to journey through its rich tapestry. This piece delves into iconic albums that not only defined the genre but also encapsulated the emotions and stories of their eras. From gritty street tales to innovative beats, let’s reminisce and celebrate the legacy of hip-hop’s golden chapters.

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A Culinary Tour of Portsmouth: My Favourite Haunts

Join me on a delectable journey through Portsmouth’s eclectic food scene. From caffeine fixes that kick-start dreary mornings to pizzas that teleport you straight to Italy, these are the culinary hotspots that make my heart (and belly) sing. Dive in, fellow food aficionados!

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Integrating Your WordPress or Shopify Website into Your CRM: Streamlining Your Digital Marketing Efforts

This blog explores the various ways to integrate your WordPress or Shopify website into a CRM, empowering your digital marketing agency with efficient data management, automated marketing processes, and personalised customer experiences.

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Trees and leafs by a river in a jungle

Meet We Are Jungle, a progressive web design agency located in Portsmouth.

We Are Jungle, and we’re an environmentally conscious digital marketing agency based in the coastal city of Portsmouth.

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WordPress Screen

Why a WordPress Website is Better than SquareSpace or Wix

We highlights the flexibility and customisation options offered by WordPress, allowing users to create unique and personalised websites with ease.

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Hand photographing house apartment kitchen island room for sale or rent with phone smartphone closeup point of view in modern luxury condo home with blurry bokeh background

Boosting Real Estate Success: Why Estate Agents Need a New Website

Discover the undeniable benefits of a new website for estate agents, as we explore how it can unlock their real estate potential in the digital age.

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Team of coders on laptops

How to Set Up WordPress Locally Using MAMP or WAMP

Step-by-step guide: Setting Up WordPress locally with MAMP or WAMP

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