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Creating an engaging online presence for an educational board game company addressing social challenges and promoting community learning was a rewarding endeavour. Our objective was to design a website that highlighted the game’s creativity while clearly conveying its educational mission. This involved integrating visually appealing design with rich content to captivate visitors. By leveraging custom animations powered by GSAP and a bespoke WordPress build, we developed a dynamic and interactive site. The design had to align with the game’s core themes, providing an immersive user experience that fostered community interaction and learning.

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the challenge

The challenge was to design a website that not only showcased the innovative aspects of the educational board game but also highlighted its focus on social struggles and community learning. The site needed to be visually captivating to reflect the game’s creativity, while being rich in content to articulate its educational benefits. Ensuring the website was interactive to foster user engagement and discussion was paramount. Additionally, it was crucial to maintain a smooth, responsive experience across all devices and to optimise the site for search engines to reach a broad audience.

the solution

To address these challenges, we implemented a custom design enhanced with advanced GSAP animations. This approach enabled us to create smooth, engaging visual effects that elevated the user experience. The bespoke design was crafted to mirror the game’s unique aesthetics and educational goals, featuring intuitive navigation and vibrant visuals. Utilising WordPress as our platform allowed us to integrate essential functionalities such as discussion forums and educational resources while ensuring easy content management. Our focus was on making the site fully responsive, providing a seamless experience across all devices, and optimising it for search engines to boost visibility and reach.

the outcome

The final website achieved all its objectives, offering an engaging and informative platform for the educational board game. Its creative design and bespoke animations effectively showcased the game’s unique features, while integrated community tools fostered discussions and learning. Positive feedback from the company and users highlighted the website’s role in expanding the game’s reach and enhancing its educational impact. The site attracted a diverse audience and nurtured a vibrant online community, seamlessly blending aesthetic appeal with functional depth to support the game’s educational mission.

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