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Choosing the Ideal Web Design Agency

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Choosing the Ideal Web Design Agency

Searching for a “web design agency” on Google generates millions of results, presenting the daunting task of finding the perfect fit for your business. Start by clarifying your needs: do you require a complete website overhaul, or are you beginning from scratch?

Launching a website is a significant endeavor that demands meticulous planning, effective project management, and a substantial investment of money and resources. Be cautious of solutions that seem overly inexpensive or promise lightning-fast results; such offers should be approached with skepticism.

While customer reviews can offer valuable insights into a web design agency’s capabilities, they should not be the sole factor in your decision-making process.

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Key Considerations When Selecting a Web Design Company:


Leverage the invaluable insights and support of an agency with extensive experience. Such expertise is crucial for uncovering effective strategies, avoiding pitfalls, and comprehending precise service requirements.

Industry Expertise

If a design agency predominantly specialises in an industry different from yours, meeting your specific service needs might be a challenge. Familiarity with your industry and its unique website demands streamlines the process and boosts efficiency.

Conversion Focus

Does the agency have a proven track record of converting website visitors into customers? Ultimately, this is the main objective for your website, and its design should reflect this goal. Investigate their approach or enquire about their optimisation services tailored to your needs. Crafting a website that is both visually appealing and effective at converting visitors into customers requires specialised skills. Monitor and track this process diligently, and seek guidance from your web design agency if you’re unsure how to proceed.


Who are their past clients for web design projects? Partnering with a design agency that shares your values and work ethics is essential for a harmonious working relationship, facilitating a smoother process overall. Are you aware of the agency’s long-term client relationships? Instances of repeat modifications, redesigns, or enhancements are strong indicators of the agency’s reliability and credibility.

Additional Services

A competent design agency should offer a comprehensive suite of services. Beyond design, ensure they provide development and marketing services to deliver a well-rounded solution for your needs.

Design and Development of Websites with We Are Jungle

We Are Jungle is a creative web design agency based in Portsmouth, specialising in website development, branding, and marketing solutions. Our team of skilled designers, developers, and copywriters is ready to assist you in creating a new website tailored to your needs.

With extensive experience, we have served a diverse range of industries, from dentistry to estate agencies. Explore our case studies to see the successful projects we’ve completed for our clients.

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