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In this blog post, we’ll share a fun and engaging Q&A session with August that will give you an inside look at their personality, interests, and what they bring to our agency. Whether you’re an intern, a mentor, a company hiring interns, or just someone excited about web design internships, we think you’ll love this lighthearted introduction!

A warm welcome to Augie

Starting a new chapter at our agency, Augie has already made a splash with their creativity and enthusiasm. But who exactly are they, and what makes them tick? We decided to sit down with our new star intern and ask some creative and funny questions to get to know them better.

Getting to know them

1. What inspired you to join our agency?

“Joining the team was a no-brainer for me, when I first reached out to Brad I was under the impression I’d be spending most of my time in line to pick up his flat whites but the job has been a fun integration into a perfect career and occasionally picking up his flat whites. I’ve always been passionate about design and applying that to building sites and creating engaging social media content has been brilliant.”

2. If you could have any superpower, what would you have and why?

“This is a classic question, and one I’ve spent a lot of time perfecting the answer to. Most people wish they could fly or teleport but in my effort to be even lazier than those people my power would be to fill things up on command. Empty drink, filled. Eaten all my popcorn during the adverts, filled. Spent all my money on a night out, bank account filled.”

3. How do you approach a new design project?

“Getting a new brief is one of my favourite parts of the week, the new unique opportunities, it’s like seeing a freshly painted white wall and you’ve got the full rainbow in spray cans right next to you. As with every task I start with some research, industry trends, what’s getting the most engagement and I make a moodboard. Once I know what’s trending, what my brand guidelines are, then I’m off, straight into the design.”

4. Describe your perfect weekend

“For me, with working from home the weekend is just more week, so it’s my main opportunity to get out and about. Whether it’s going to shows and festivals or visiting some local hidden gems, the weekend is all about the non home activities. Some of my favourite weekend activities include gigs, pub quizzes, Brighton trips and comic shops.”

5. Who are your design heroes and how have they influenced your work?

“Most of my artistic inspiration comes from the enormous slew of animators in my various favourites over the years but few stand out more than others, mainly Lisa Hanwalt’s animation of Bojack Horseman, the funky, comedic style draped over such a dark portent of a show really spoke to me. More recently Patrick O’Keefe’s adaptation of one of my favourite comic characters, Spider-Punk, was a huge inspiration in how I draw. His asymmetrical design and untidy look built such an innovative look in the movie.

In terms of still art however my favourites lie mostly on the pages of graphic novels, Tony Moore’s art of The Walking Dead comics are so immersive for a colourless novel. Finally, I am a huge fan of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy comics. The use of graphic blacks overbearing this shadowy universe has been a huge inspiration in my art.”

6. What are your top 5 bands/artists?

“My fifth favourite band/artist is the band ‘Pixies’. Doolittle is one of my favourite alt rock albums of all time. My fourth favourite artist is the British rapper Kano, he was huge in my house growing up and his tunes have vibrated through the halls of my house for years, seeing him live in Bournemouth will always be a core memory of mine. My third favourite artist is the american rapper MF Doom, his unique rhyme style and sampling method are an iconic blend that itches each side of my brain, that being both the comic and hip-hop nerd in me.

My second favourite is the Irish post-punk band ‘Fontaines D.C’. I first started listening to them when my Dad brought us tickets to their show at Southampton guildhall just so I’d know who I was listening to and was instantly pulled in. Their album Dogrel was on repeat in my head phones for months after the show, still the best gig I’ve ever been to. Finally my favourite artist of all time has to go to Tyler, The Creator. The producer of my favourite ever song, album and music video all within ‘Call Me If You Get Lost’ His style, personality and album roster are second to none by miles.”

7. What’s your preferred medium for artistic expression and why?

“For the majority of my life pencil on paper has made the world my oyster. Whether I was designing clothing, comics, characters, logos etc. it was on a note pad with a pencil. But recently I made the switch to digital design. Switching from the two at first was jarring but the technology is so intuitive that I quickly picked up my style once again.”

8. How do you handle creative block?

“As a person so indecisive that their favourite creative outlet is every creative outlet you can possibly name, creative block is something that I run into almost daily. Usually any given one of these can be averted by consuming whatever piece of media I’m attempting to make but on the off chance that I’m feeling particularly unmotivated I usually find that learning something new about the creation of your chosen outlet can get you back into it very quickly. Picking up a new illustrator tool, a new pencil, a new story etc.”

9. What are your top 5 films?

“Once again I’m gonna build suspense with a countdown to number 1, so starting off with my fifth favourite film would be ‘Spider-man: Across the Spider-Verse’, a movie I have already previously brought up in this Q&A because as proven I cannot go a single conversation without bringing up how amazing this movie is, from the artstyle to the perfect soundtrack, expertly executed by Metro Boomin, it’s an amazing piece from start to finish. The fourth of this list is exactly as previously stated, ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem’ is a beautifully animated piece of art with a perfect soundtrack. A nostalgia trip that couldn’t be better.

My third favourite film is the only non-animated one in my top 5, even though it has now been adapted into an animated series matching the style of the source material. Scott Pilgrim VS The World is an epically ridiculous and hilarious adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name. Returning to the animated world with my close second favourite film of all time is Rango. A stunning, weird-west film with some of the best cinematography of any animated film I have ever seen. On top of this the story is gripping and only made stranger by the eerily drawn anthropomorphic creatures of this film.

Finally topping any of the others by a mile is Tim Burton’s ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. As a horror fanatic I’ve found that nothing can top the simple halloween cliches of this gothic animated classic. The music, the characters, the setting blend together seamlessly to craft an unparalleled experience of pure magic.”

10. What’s one thing on your bucket list?

“Most of my goals revolve around places I’d like to see and explore. But I’ll save that for our travel question. My non-travel goals are mainly in the realm of creative experiences. There are certain projects I have always wanted to put my own spin on. From writing and directing my own film, to designing and publishing a comic book, my goals have always been broad, but one thing I have always wanted to do that this internship brings me closer to achieving everyday is growing an enormous portfolio of art and designs. Having a definitive and strict style is something that has always felt too restricting but with this job, each brief provides a different perspective, a different image. Building that collected variety is something I thank We Are Jungle for massively.”

11. Can you share a recent design trend that excites you?

“Trends come and go quicker than most people can participate in them, especially as the world of design becomes increasingly online. From Pinterest to TikTok, millions of people are sharing their creative works daily, but only a few make it to me. The most recent trend that comes to mind is the rise of analog design in videography and character design. The fascination with old technology can add a fresh twist that so much art is missing these days. Retro logos returning to small startups are my favourite addition to this idea.”

12. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

“Travelling is one of the main goals I have held for most of my life. Seeing the world and its cultures is a massively important part of life. The places that fascinate me the most are Southeast Asia, places like Vietnam and Thailand are deeply gorgeous and massively cheap for hostel travelling. The Western US is somewhere I am hugely interested in visiting, the history of the American West and cowboys in particular majorly appeals to me as a queer teenager. New Orleans and San Francisco are also on my travel list for their history and lively community.”

13. How do you stay creative and inspired?

“Staying inspired at work is so important when designing, especially on websites and social media. It’s easy to get bogged down in planity and dull briefs but there is always room for creative implementation in any design, whether you’re adding subtle patterns or funky shapes, I like to take a step back and draw inspiration from other similar work. Blogs are a great way to grow this inspiration and fix up duller designs.”

14. What’s your favourite project you’ve worked on and why?

“Over the course of my freelance work with We Are Jungle pre-internship, I have worked on several fun projects, the highlights include logo animation, designing my first website wireframe and filming an interview with Brad for a small documentary. But since I have officially started with the company I have worked on several more directly artistic projects, my favourite of which has been drawing superhero characters for a comic themed start-up.”

15. What do you hope to achieve during your internship with us?

“My interest in We Are Jungle spawned when Brad first reached out to me in 2023 while I was in college studying Creative Filmmaking. I came to work with him for two weeks during late summer and I knew just from that experience I wanted to be a part of the company and over the years I returned to We Are Jungle numerous times between terms and minimum wage jobs. Until finally we made the job official and Brad took me under his wing as an intern. Since starting I have learned so much from him and we’ve only scratched the surface. As I continue my work with him I hope to learn more and hopefully write more Q&As for myself for Brad to proof read and post.”

The Journey Ahead

Thriving in a Creative Environment

With a passion for design, Augie is eager to contribute to our projects and grow within our dynamic team. Their enthusiasm and fresh ideas are already making a difference.

Building Connections

From new clients to fellow team members, Augie is excited to build meaningful connections and learn from the diverse talents around them. Their openness and collaborative spirit are sure to foster positive relationships.

Learning and Growing

At our agency, we believe in continuous learning and development. Augie is ready to take on new challenges, learn new skills, and grow both personally and professionally as they embark on this exciting journey with us.


We’re thrilled to have Augie on board and can’t wait to see the incredible contributions they’ll make to our projects. If you’re as excited as we are about the future, stay tuned for more updates and stories from our talented team.

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